Drag Racing Schedule

Saturday, March 18:

1. Gates Open at 9:00 am and track goes hot 10:00 am
2. Test-N-Tune drag racing until 12:00 pm
3. Qualifying Round 1 at 12:00 pm, test-n-tune after
4. Qualifying Round 2 at 3:00 pm, test-n-tune after
5. Track hot until 6:00 pm

Sunday, March 19:

1. Spectator Gates open at 9:00 am and track goes hot 10:00 am
2. 11:00 am – Qualifying Round 3
3. 12:30 pm – Eliminations Round 1
4. 2:00 pm – Eliminations Round 2
5. 3:00 pm – Eliminations Round 3
6. 4:00 pm – Final Round Eliminations

There will be a dedicated lane for test-n-tune at all times which will serve as a filler between round eliminations.

Drag Racing Classes

The lanes will be open all day for test-n-tune. This is the perfect venue for you to settle your grudges or to simply have the opportunity to run an UNLIMITED number of times!

GTR Class 1
Stock Turbo, OEM sized brakes (intent is to limit minimum wheel size to 17″), DOT radials, no slicks allowed. No nitrous. The intent here is to have a class for street GTRs with just bolt on parts running stock turbos.

GTR Class 2
OEM or aftermarket manifold, 28″ tall tire max (slicks allowed), OEM sized brakes (intent is to limit minimum wheel size to 17″), 58mm inducer maximum, 172 mph break out for inspection (inspection will only occur if challenged by another racer). No nitrous. The intent here is to have a class for street GTRs with just bolt on parts running upgraded turbos.

GTR Class 3
Modified turbo and manifold allowed, 28″ tall tire max (slicks allowed), 68mm inducer maximum, 186 mph break out for inspection (inspection will only occur if challenged by another racer). No nitrous. The intent here is to have a class for weekend warrior GTRs with all the bolt on upgrades including big turbo kits.

GTR Class 4
Unlimited. This class includes any cars that don’t fit into GTR classes 1-3 and include Exhibition Class cars that would like to run eliminations as well as the Exhibition Class.

Exhibition Class
This is an unregulated exhibition class for people who are simply coming to TX2K to run a record ET and/or MPH. The intent here is to have a class for shop cars, big build and high profile cars that are out to set records without running eliminations against another car. AMS, ER/ETS, T1R, Switzer and many other will have cars that fit into this class. It is open to all cars including but not limited to GTR, Supra, 2JZ cars, RB cars, Mustangs, Vettes, Vipers, etc…) Also, if cars would like to run against one another heads up, so long as both racers agree, we will make it happen.

2JZ Class
$200 buy in by sending paypal to pblach@att.net and put in subject 2JZ Class Buy In. All funds collected will be payed out to 1st and 2nd place finishers in the 2JZ class.
Rules are simple:
-2JZ powered
-275/60/15 or 28×10.5×15 max for auto cars
-28×10.5W for 6spd manual transmission cars
-17″+ wheel can run any size drag radial

Street Car Class
This class can and should include GTR’s, Vettes, Porsche’s, Vipers, Supra’s, Camaro’s, Mustang’s, etc…any car is welcome to run in this class so long as the car meets the rules below. If we get 24 or MORE cars entered into this class, we’ll form street car class 2, under the same rules, and will include qualifiers 17 and up.

Every vehicle must have a license plate, proof of current registration, and valid insurance…as any “legal street car” would. The purpose of this class is TRUE street cars, not built race cars that are fudging the rules. If your car is not currently registered, insured or licensed, it will be DQ’d.

All vehicles must have a functional alternator, battery, and standard electrical systems

1. Any year vehicle is allowed. Lightweight components are limited to hood, front fenders, deck lid, hatches, sunroofs, wings, ground effects, and bumpers only. Roof, quarter panels, and doors must remain steel or original material
2. One piece front ends are not permitted. No body parts may be removed during competition.

1. Must retain complete stock chassis, floorboard, firewall, and frame rails. Notching of chassis for clearance is permitted. Aftermarket “K” members are permitted.
2. Roll cage and safety mounts are allowed.
3. “Stock Style Suspension” – Relocated/Changed suspension geometry is NOT allowed
4. Ladder bars, four links, and wheelie bars are prohibited on all cars (unless factory equipped)

1. Headlights and brake lights are required and must be operable
2. One light may be removed for forced induction vehicles
3. All windows must be glass with the exception of approved light weight panels (i.e. lightweight hatch with lexan is allowed)
4. Must have a functioning radio with speaker(s)

1. Any style transmission is permitted. Transbrakes are permitted.

1. Must be DOT approved
2. Drag Radial or Bias Ply no larger than 28″x10.5″ or 325 radial
3. Tire Rule Exception – 17″ and greater wheel diameter has no tire restriction, any FWD or RWD cars that have a MANUAL transmission may run a SLICK no larger than 28″x11.50

10.5 Index Class
Any car can run in this class.

The rules:
–Heads up
–10.50 break out
–no rules

Stick Shift Challenge
Cost to enter this class is $100 payable to DARIN CHIPPI IN TECH INSPECTION. The winner will get 75% of the pot and the runner-up will get 25% of the pot (i.e. if there are 8 cars entered, the winner will get $600 and the runner-up will get $200). The only rules are that you must run an H pattern factory based transmission and have stock suspension (all suspension components must be located in the stock locations), no automatics allowed, any car make/model allowed

Motorcycle Class
Open to all “street” motorcycles

Any car can enter multiple classes so long as you meet the rules and pay for multiple tech cards.

Dyno Information: we will have a dyno (or two) available and operating all day on Friday and Saturday at RPR. Like always it will be free to dyno, first come first serve. The catch is that you have to enter in through gate 1 (VIP admission) so that you can have your car within the gates.

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