TX2K19™ Roll Race Nationals presented by Summit Racing Equipment

Wednesday March 13 – Racer Tech Inspection, Sponsor Setup, Participant Parking

• 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm Tech inspection for all participants (Roll Race & Drag Race) will be open.  We highly encourage all race participants to tech and park on Wednesday to avoid the tech lines on Thursday.  Pit Parking will be first come first serve so please plan accordingly.

Thursday March 14 – Roll Race Qualifying And Drag Race Test & Tune

• 7:00 am Pit Gate and Spectator Gate/Vendor Midway opens
• 7:00 am – 8:00 pm Tech open – ROLL RACE ONLY 7:00 am – 11:00 am, ROLL RACE AND DRAG RACE 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
• 8:50 am MANDATORY driver’s meeting (for Roll Race participants only)
• 9:30 am Test & Tune and fun/practice runs for Roll Race
• 1:00 pm Roll Race Round 1 of Qualifying
• 3:00 pm Roll Race Round 2 of Qualifying
• 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Drag Race Test & Tune for registered drivers only
• 8:00 pm secure track

Friday March 15 – Drag Race Qualifying/Roll Race Eliminations

• 8:00 am Pit Gate and Spectator Gate/Vendor Midway opens
• 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Tech opens for all Racers
• 10:00 am Round 1 of Drag Race Qualifying (including Exhibition Class)
• 2:00 pm Round 1 Roll Race Eliminations
• 3:30 pm Round 2 Roll Race Eliminations
• 4:30 pm Round 3 of Roll Race Eliminations
• 5:30 pm Finals Round Roll Race Eliminations
• 6:00 pm Roll Race Nationals presented by Summit Racing Equipment Awards Ceremony on the Tx2K Main Stage
• 7:00 pm Round 2 of Drag Race Qualifying (including Exhibition Class)
• 10:00 pm secure track


Houston Raceway Park (HRP)
2525 South FM 565, Baytown, TX 77523

DATES: Gates open at HRP Thursday, March 14th at 7:00 am and the event will finish around 7:00 pm on Friday March 15th. Thursday will have us focusing on acclimation runs, grudge matches and starting to qualify for three classes.

NUMBER OF CARS: Number of cars will be limited to approximately 120.

COST: Price is $250 per car. This is non-refundable, however you can transfer an entry if your car cannot make it (subject to approval from TX2K Official and until 3/7/19). Keep in mind that non-refundable means that if the weather ends up cancelling the event, there are no refunds. The $250 payment includes the drivers gate fee for Thursday and Friday.


CAR RULES: In the spirit of the type of event TX2K has been for the past 19 years, we are looking for STREET CARS. That means no tubbed cars, no stripped race cars, no lexan window cars, no fiber glass body cars, etc… Also, skinnies will NOT be allowed, cars will need to run a DOT approved tire (DOT stamp must be present).


All drivers: Driver must wear closed toe shoes, long pants, long sleeve shirt, SA2010 or SA2015 rated helmet

150 mph+ trap cars: all of the above plus fire rated gloves and fire rated jacket

170 mph+ trap cars: all of the above plus fire rated pants and fire rated shoes

190 mph+ trap cars: all of the above plus head/neck restraint system that meets SFI 38.1 AND used according to that manufacturers recommendation (HANS, Z-Tech, Simpson, Schroth, Impact, etc)

210 mph+ trap cars: All of the above, plus recommend a 5 or 6 point safety harness that is installed per manufacturers recommendation, recommend an FIA rated seat also installed per manufacturer’s recommendation

GATE FEE: Spectators will have 2 options on both Thursday and Friday: $30 per person per day for admission into HRP, parking will be located in general spectator area (gates 3,4,5) OR for an additional $10 per car, attendees will be able to purchase pit side parking and will have the ability to park within the HRP grounds (gate 1).

*All roll race participants will enter through Gate 1. Their race fee will include their entry into Houston Raceway Park.

STRUCTURE: Cars will qualify into one of four classes. The top 8 cars will be in the ELITE 8 bracket, the next 16 (qualifiers 9-24) will be in the UNLIMITED bracket, the next 16 (qualifiers 25-40) will be in the SUPER SPORT bracket and the next 16 (qualifiers 41-56) will be in the Sport bracket. Grudge matches (callouts) will be allowed as will test-n-tune runs. We will have a VHT tractor and a crew responsible for “prepping” the full race distance.

AWARDS: The top two in all three classes will receive trophies and a cash payout.

HOW THE RACING WORKS: The cars will be paired up in the staging lanes. The cars will line up at the “start line” and leave upon being given the signal. Cars will have 400 ft to pace one another prior to getting to the “green zone”. Drivers will need to pair up next to one another at a target speed of 60-65 mph. The “green zone” will be lined with cones in the middle of the track and cones on the side wall of both lanes. These cones will stop at the end of the “green zone” and that last cone is the latest you may possibly see the green light turn on. Keep in mind that if two cars are in the “green zone” and are paired up close to one another, the green light may be triggered. When you see the green light turn on, GO! The stoplight, located in the middle of the track and up ahead, will be triggered manually by a starter that will be located up in the bleachers. If you pass the light and it hasn’t gone green then the run is aborted and cars will come back around and line up again. Cars will race for ~1,600 ft and then pass over a finish line and have 2,200 feet to slow down before reaching the end of the track. Total length including pacing area, racing area and shutdown is 4,400 ft. That is more total distance than other similar events. *Of note, the full 1,600 ft of race distance will have VHT on it and will be maintained throughout both days of roll racing, as will the full green pacing zone. First car to the finish line wins.


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